Treasurer’s Report – Q4 2021

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by Matt Ferrara, Treasurer


It is now a New Year; the holidays have come and gone. The ALDACon in Niagara Falls was great and successful. We had over 100 people attending. Everything went well.

Now that the ALDACon accounts are closed, I can say the event was quite profitable, bringing in a net revenue of $23,788.  This is an increase from the $16,908 profit from our last ALDACon which took place in 2019 in Kansas City. Among this year’s attendees, there were five scholarship recipients. Thanks to the ALDACon Committee for an excellent job.

This report reflects the Fiscal Year end (December 31, 2021). Our total funds in the bank accounts increased by $20,100 during this past year. This was due to ALDACon, donations of $20,716, as well as continuing membership renewals. 

The Balance Sheet for the bank accounts as of the end of the Fiscal year, December 31, 2021:

          ALDA Operating Expenses: $82,279

          ALDAcon 2021 Account      $23,788

          ALDAcon 2022 Account      $652

          ALDAcon 2023 Account     -$680

          Scholarship Funds:          $26,382

As of December 31, 2021, the total cash in the ALDA bank accounts is $132,421

The IRS 990 Report for 2020, IRS 1099 and 1098 forms and the State of Illinois Secretary Forms for 2021 were completed and filed on time. ALDA is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, and any donations may be tax deductible.  Also, some employers do have matching donation plans. In the interest of transparency, you can look us up at Guidestar.Guidestar

This is my final report. It has been my pleasure to serve ALDA over the years. Joe Linder, who has extensive financial experience, is now stepping in as the ALDA Treasurer. I will be assisting Joe during the transition as a member of the Finance Committee.

 If you have any questions regarding donations, if you are interested in serving on the Finance Committee,  or have any suggestions for fundraising, please contact Joe at Treasurer@ALDA.Org., please contact Joe at 

Thanks again for your support, and I hope to see you in San Diego