ALDAcon Presentations Archive

This archive contains links to a variety of ALDAcon presentations. Included are links to workshops, panel discussions, luncheon and dinner speeches, and award presentations. Presentations are included only because ALDA has an electronic copy of that edited presentation, not because they are any more interesting or important than presentations that have been left out. If you wish to download or review any entry in this archive, simply click on the text describing that item and it will automatically open.


ALDAcon 2022
ALDAcon 2022 Workshop Presentations (in PDF format)

ALDAcon 2018
“Captioning Public Spaces” Presenter: Dean Olson and Clark Anderson
“Captions On Now!” Presenter: Jim House and David Viers
“True Working Dogs: What You Should Know” Presenter: Cynthia Moynihan
“10 Things You Should Know About HA’s and CI’s” Presenters: Ron Leavitt, David Viers, and Nikki Clark
“Opening Plenary” Presenter: Richard Pimentel
“Say No! To Dementia” Presenter: Keri Reynolds
“Interaction Between Law Enforcement Officers and Deaf/Hard of Hearing People” Presenter: Gary Talley

ALDAcon 2017
“Career Success After Hearing Loss” Presenter: David Baldridge
“Self-Advocacy In Your State” Presenters: Sherri Collins and Michele Michaels
“A Heasring Loss” Presenter: Alice Crume
“Let Your Better Self Guide You” (Panel) Moderator: Linda Dratell
“Use It or Lose It” Presenter: Sheiladawn Fitch
“Save, Serve, Solve” Presenters: Kelly Kovach, Page Cresawn and Robin Abernathy
“Leadership Program” Presenters: Roy Miller and Chris Littlewood
“You, Too, Can Travel World” Presenters: Roy Miller and Carol Sliney
“How To Spin 27 Plates” Presenters: Karen Putz and Tina Childress
“Hearing Loss: A Global Condition” Presenters: Gerard de Vijlder amd Georgia van der Gen
“ALDA and Advocacy” Presenter: John Waldo

ALDAcon 2015
“An Afternoon with Hearing Loss” (Panel) Moderator: Michele Michaels
“Neurofibromatosis, Late Deafness and ALDA” Presenter: Roy Miller
“Emergency Preparedness” Presenter: Chris Littlewood
“Employment Discrimination” Presenters: Mark Sorokin and Sarah Weiber

ALDAcon 2014
“Legal Update—What the Courts and Agencies Have Done for (or to) Us in 2014” Presenter: John Waldo
“Portrait of a Confident Deaf/Deafened Person” Presenter: Solange Skyer
“Smartphone / Tablet Apps 101” Presenter: Betti Thompson
“Captioning Quality Matters” Presenters: Adam Finkel and Darlene Parker
“Service Animals In Action” Presenter: Carol Christopherson

ALDAcon 2013
● “The 21st Century Communications and Video Aaccessibility Act: (CVAA) An Update” Presenters: James House and Blake Reid
● “Power of Citizen Advocacy: Using Our Passions – Pooling Our Voices” (Panel) Moderator: Lauren E. Storck
● “Emergency Preparedness and Response” Presenter: Chris Littlewood
● “Text to 9-1-1? Sure!” Presenter: Toni Dunne

ALDAcon 2012
“Is Social Media for Me?” Presenter: Ken Arcia
“Veterans with Hearing Loss” Presenter: Lt. Allen Ford
“The Gift of a Different Ability” Presenter: Karen Putz
“Movies and More” Presenter: John Waldo

ALDAcon 2010
“Living with Deafness: Positive Self-Advocacy and Career Success“ Presenter: David Baldridge
“Support Services for a New Non-Profit” Presenter: Tess Crowder
“Captioning Technology for People with Hearing Loss” Presenters: Chameen Stratton with Mike Ellis and Ken Arcia
“How’s Your Spiritual Health?” Presenter: Lucy Miller
“Organizing for Effective Advocacy” Presenter: John Waldo
“Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Policies with the Colorado Springs Police Department”   Presenter: Mark Valdonen
“Portrait of a Confident Deaf Woman” Presenter: Sally Skyer

ALDAcon 2007
“Opening Plenary” Speakers: Sally Taylor and Paul Taylor
“Demystifying Assistive Listening Devices”  (Powerpoint)  Presenter: Heidi Adams
“Listening to Music with a CI or Hearing Aid” Presenter: Kathy Allen
“To CI or Not CI: That’s the Option” (Panel) Moderator: Robert Alpern
“Spirituality and Late Deafness” (Panel) Moderator: Geoff Brown
“Documenting Your Personal Journey” Presenter: Tina Childress
“President’s Luncheon” Speaker: Robert Davila
“Locating and Choosing a Communication Access Realtime Transcription (CART) Provider” Presenter: Pat Graves
“Coping with Hearing Loss, Step by Step” Presenter: Sanjay Gulati
“Awards Luncheon” Speaker: Michael Harvey
“Advocacy: This Year’s Hot Topics for ALDAns” Presenter: Cheryl Heppner
“I. King Jordan Award Presentation” Recipient: Ken Arcia
“Appreciation Luncheon” Speaker: I. King Jordan
“Suggestions for Positive Interactions with Hearing Children and Grandchildren” Presenter: Eileen Mccartin
“Advocacy: You, Too, Can Change the World” Presenter: Roy Miller
“Hard of Hearing/Late-Deafened Service Providers: Ask a Late-Deafened Professional” Presenter: Christine Seymour
“Comparison of Deaf and Hearing Communication Values” Presenter: Linda Siple
“The Resilient Self: Thriving Through Good Times and Bad” Presenter: Sally Skyer
“Leadership: Lovely or Lonely at the Top? What Do We Need to Know?”  Presenter: Lauren Storck 
“Late-Deafened Women Who Beat the Odds: If Only I Knew!” Presenter: Vicki T. Hurwitz

ALDAcon 2006
● “Appreciation Luncheon” Presenter: Bill Graham
● “ALDAcon 2006 Academy Awards Luncheon” Speaker: T. Alan Hurwitz
“Expanding Access Through Captioned Radio” Presenter: Stephen Foster
● “The Year’s Hot Topics for ALDAns: Captioning” Presenter: Cheryl Heppner
● “Experiencing Breakthroughs in Cochlear Implant Technology”  Presenter: Tina Childress
● “Choosing a College” Presenter: T. Alan Hurwitz
● “Deaf and Single in America” (Panel) Moderator: Lucy Miller
● “Technology and Emergency Preparedness” Presenter: Christine Seymour
● “Hearing Loss and Music: Enjoying Music with Cochlear Implants or Hearing Aids” Presenter: Kathy Allen
● “I. King Jordan Awards Banquet” Recipient: Robin Titterington
● “Opening Plenary Session: Re-Imagining Deafness” Speaker: Sanjay Gulati
● “Late-Deafened Women Beat the Odds: If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now!” Presenter: Vicki T. Hurwitz
● “Searching for Magical Access” Presenter: Roy Miller
● “Physiology of Nutrition: What You Should Know About Your Diet” Presenter: Sharon Milian
● “Remote Cart” Presenter: Patricia Graves
● “Emotional Issues of Dealing with a Hearing Loss, and How to Self-Advocate” Presenter: Erika Lohmiller
● “Emergency Technology in Telecommunication “ Presenter: John Kinstler
● “Web-Based Handbook” Presenter: Heidi Adams
● “Web Site Design 101 – Can I Join the WWW?” Presenter: Ken Arcia
● “ President’s Luncheon: Where Do I Fit in?” Speaker: Lucy Miller
“Wireless Devices”  Presenter: Ken Arcia

ALDAcon 2005
● “Meditation” Presenter: Carolyn Piper
● “Managing Your Communication Environment for Success” Presenter: Christine Seymour
● “Spirituality”  (Panel)  Moderator: Geoff Brown
● “President’s Luncheon” Speaker: Gabriela Frank
● “Service Animals” Presenter: Judi Rubert
● “Life Coaching” Presenters: Norma Svedosh and Homer Mullins
● “Aural Rehab” Presenter: Edie Gibson
● “ The Power of Positive Hearing: How Positive Attitude and Humor Enhance Relationships” Presenters: Laine and Rex Waggoner
● “Children of Late-Deafened Adults” (Panel) Moderator: Marilyn Call 
● “Advocacy” Presenter: Cheryl Heppner

● “Dual Sensory Loss” Presenters: Heidi Adams and Diane Jones
● “Advocacy” Presenter: Roy Miller
● “Communication Technology Scares Me. What’s It All About?” Presenter: Phil Hyssong
● “Service Animals” Presenter: Carol Christopherson
● “A Popcorn Coalition” Presenter: Kathy Evans
● “Surviving Cancer” Presenter: Edna Shipley-Conner
● “Demystifying ALDs” Presenter: Alice Pakhtigian
● “All Over But the Grief” Presenter: Marilyn Call 
● “Sorenson IP Relay” Presenter: Michael Jordan
● “Advanced Bionics” Presenter: Jared Schnachenberg
● “Nucleus CI Technology” Presenter: Angela Wicker

ALDAcon 2004
“Stereotactic Irradiation for Intracranial Tumors” Presenter: Annie Chan
“Demystifying Technology Options for Personal Use” Presenters: Beth Wilsonand Tina Thompson
“This Way Up: Career Advancement and You!” Presenter: Carol Menton
“Get Things Done with ALDA Advocacy” Presenter: Cheryl Heppner
“The Merlin-Pak Connection Revealed: The Turning Point in the Development of Therapeutics for NF?” Presenter: Hiroshi Maruta
”I. King Jordan Award Presentation” Recipient: Kathy Schlueter
“I Didn’t Die, I Just Can’t Hear: A Study of Acquired Deafness” Presenter: Jane Schlau
“Is Anyone There? A Workshop for Starting an ALDA Chapter” Presenter: Kathy Schlueter
“Choosing: The Fork in The Road” Presenter: Lucy Miller
“Bearing Witness to Ordinary Evil” Presenter: Michael Harvey
“Communicating Freely Everywhere You Go; From the Mountains, to the Valleys, to the Oceans, White with Foam” Presenter: Patti Liptrot
“Remote CART” (Panel) Moderator: Phil Hyssong
“From Pavrotti to Physicians: When and How to Obtain Sign Language Interpreters, CART and Assistive Listening Devices” Presenter: Suzanne Thomas

ALDAcon 2002
“Aging Issues with Deafened Persons” Presenters: Robert McClintock
and Jim Knight

“Nucleus Multichannel Auditory Brainstem Implant Consumer Update” Presenter: Thomas Mitchell
“The Bionic Ear Association” Presenters: Marcia Finisdore, Lorie Singer and Jerry Schloffman
“Cochlear Implant” (Panel) Moderator: Nancy Hammons
“From Adversity to Peak Experience” Presenter: Lucy Miller
“Relay Your Way – How to Make VCO Features Work for You! Two-Line Voice Carryover” Presenter: Patti Bannier
“Special Guest Speaker” Speaker: I. King Jordan
“Keynote Address” Speaker: Michael Harvey
“Knock Your Socks Off Relay” Presenter: Mike Ellis
“Leadership” (Panel) Moderator: Mary Clark
“Luncheon Speech” Speaker: Sam Trychin
“Road Map to Organizational Success” Presenter: Andrew J. Lange
“Sailing with a Crew of Cats: Learning to Lead and Manage” Presenters: Steven Sligar, Cathy Diederich and Kathy Schlueter
“Tips for Travelers with Hearing Loss” Presenter: Beth Wilson
“What is Lost is Found” Presenter: Deborah Gough

ALDAcon 2001
● “Access to Arts for People with Hearing Loss” Presenter: Arlene Romoff
● “Access to Media at Home and in The Community: An Update”  Presenters: Mary Watkins and Annette Posell
● “Law Making: How it Works and the Role of Advocacy”  Presenters: James O’Donnell and Beth Wilson
● “Recent Supreme Court Cases on the ADA” Presenter: Stan Eichner
● “Assistive Listening Devices” Presenter: Dianna Theokas
● “Awards Banquet” Speaker: U.S. Congressman James Langevin
● “CART and Broadcast Captioning: Where We Need to Go”   Presenter: Mark Golden
● “A Celebration of Differences” Presenters: Ruth Moore and Jonathan O’Dell
● “Survival Tips for Family Gatherings” Presenter: Beth Wilson
● “Focus on Resilience: Bouncing Back from Setbacks” Presenter: Lucy Miller
● “Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?” Presenter: Mary Clark
● “Bearing Witness to Ordinary Evil: Self-Care and Growth-Enhancement Strategies”  Presenter: Michael Harvey
● “Luncheon Speech” Speaker: I. King Jordan
● “The Everyday ADA: A Look at the Impact of the ADA on Our Employment”   Presenter: David Baldridge
● “Laugh After Deaf” Presenters: Mark Dessert, Lori Heir, Cheryl Heppner, Larry Littleton, Shawn Lovley and Carolyn Piper
● “Using Wireless Applications in Your Every Day Activities”   Presenter: Jerry Nelson
● “Building Community Connections: Designing a Future That Works”  Presenters: Cecilia Gandolfo and  Kristin Fichera
● “VR and You, Why a Specialist?” Presenter: Julie Jodoin
● ”What, Me Write for the ALDANews? Yes You!” Presenters: Carolyn Piper and Candis Shannon
● “ALDAcon: Deaf and Don’t. Doing What They’ll Let Me Do”  Presenter:  Katharine Woodcock
● “Learning to Obtain Workplace Communication Accommodations”  Presenters: Steven E. Boone, Heidi Lefebure and Douglas Watson
● “Considering a CI?”  Presenters: Nancy Hammons and Tom Goulder

ALDAcon 2000
“Healing Relationships Hurt by Hearing Loss” Presenters: Laine Waggoner and Rex Waggoner
● “Becoming an Assertive ALDAn” Presenters: Pam Snedigar and Steve Larew
● “Hearing Loss in the Workplace” Presenters: Larry Littleton, Jane Schlau, Christine Seymour and Char Sivertson
● “Overcoming Stress” Presenters: Steven E. Boone and Heidi Lefebure
● “Phone Connectivity” Presenter: Ester Kelly
● “Spirituality, Spiritual Sustenance, Connections and Growth” Presenters: Geoff Brown, Lori Heir, Esther Kelly, Anne Mclaughlin and Ray Trybus
● “It’s a Wonderful Wireless World” Presenters: Judy Viera, Ken Arcia and Linda Day
● “Learning to Obtain Workplace Communication Accommodations”  Presenters: Steven E. Boone, Heidi Lefebure and Douglas Watson