In Their Own Words is a collection of memoirs by ALDA presidents since the birth of the organization.  Their stories provide a fascinating and very personal portrait of the volunteer leadership that has guided the growth of ALDA over the years.  As I King Jordan says in his Foreward to the text, “The presidents, perhaps more so than any others, have been especially important to the development and success of ALDA. Here are their stories, in their own words. You’ll read about who they were before they became deaf and who they are now. How did deafness change their lives? How did ALDA change their lives? What took place within ALDA during their presidencies?”  The answers to these and many other questions fill the pages of In Their Own Words. and bring to life some of the history of the unique all-volunteer organization that is ALDA.

“In Their Own Words” ALDA Presidents ● 1990 – 2015

Edited by Bill Graham & Roy Miller

Book available here (PDF doc)

Image of In the Own Words cover page