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Sharaine Rawlinson Roberts

Sharaine Rawlinson Roberts

Sharaine Rawlinson Roberts became completely deaf at the age of 14 after contracting spinal meningitis; twenty-three years later, Sharaine received a cochlear implant.

Her board member experiences include various positions on the American Deafness & Rehabilitation Association (ADARA), Greater Kansas City Chapter of ADARA, Kansas Council of Disabled Persons, Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Minnesota Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the NTID Alumni Association, NTID National Advisory Group, and NTID Foundation Board.

Sharaine has been involved with ALDA since 1997.

Vice President

Paul Wummer

Paul Wummer

Paul was born with hearing loss in both ears (profoundly deaf in right ear) and has worn hearing aids since 1963. He wears a digital hearing aid on the left ear and a transmitter on the right.

In the 90’s, Paul was actively involved with the local HLAA (formerly SHHH-LV) chapter in Allentown, PA as the treasurer, and later, the president.

Paul currently lives in Portland Oregon. He’s been a member of ALDA since 2000; attending ALDAcon in Santa Fe, NM. and every year since then.

Past President

Steve Larew

Steve Larew

Steve Larew became deaf at age 18, graduated from Gallaudet University in 1976, and then acquired a master’s in deaf rehabilitation counseling from Northern Illinois University in 1980.

Steve is currently employed as a contracted executive director for American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association. He and his wife, Debbie, reside in Florida.


Kim Mettache

Kim Mettache has a profound hearing loss, and has bilateral cochlear implants, which she received in 2005 and 2015.

Kim is a past board member of ALDA, having served previously as the Region 2 Director. Kim founded ALDA Northwest Indiana in 2006 and serves as President of that group. She is also a member of ALDA Chicago and has served on the ALDA Chicago board. ALDA Northwest Indiana hosted ALDAcon 2011 in Indianapolis, where Kim served as the Planning Chair.

Kim attended her first ALDAcon in St. Louis in 2006 and never looked back. Kim has been married to Tahar Mettache for 27 years. They have four children (all of whom have selective hearing), four grandchildren, four dogs and two cats.


Matt Ferrara

Matt Ferrara

Matt has extensive experience with non-profit organizations financial systems.

Over the past 23 years, he has been ALDA’s treasurer for fourteen years. He has been appointed to complete the terms of treasurers on several occasions. Between his terms as treasurer, Matt served as regional director for three years. He is also ALDA’s advertising director. In addition, Matt has been the business manager/treasurer for twelve ALDAcons, and the co-business manager for two other ALDAcons.

Beyond his work for ALDA national, Matt is the treasurer of ALDA-Boston and the home owners’ association where he lives.

A graduate of Brooklyn College, Matt is retired from Partners Healthcare Systems (Massachusetts General Hospital).  He is hard of hearing and depends on two hearing aids. Matt has been married to his wife, Helen, for twenty years now. They have five children, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Region 1 Director

Eleanor Shafer

Wendy Ting

Wendy became profoundly deaf at age 2 after her hearing nerves were damaged from a strong penicillin taken for high fever. She is a recent bi-lateral cochlear implant user having received her implants in 2010 and 2011. She has been actively attending ALDACons when she first attended as a newcomer in Scottsdale, AZ in 2015 and in the subsequent years afterwards. She was in a panel discussion entitled “Let Your Better Self Guide You” in Orlando, Florida in 2017. She is also involved with HLAA and other hard-of-hearing/deaf related advocacy activities. Wendy currently works as a senior security architect in the cybersecurity field in the DC area and lives in Virginia.

Region 2 Director

Tina Childress

Tina Childress

Tina Childress, Au.D., CCC-A is an educational audiologist in mainstream and residential school settings, technology and social media aficionado, late-deafened adult fluent in ASL, and a bilateral cochlear implant recipient.

With her unique perspective and passion for sharing information through social media, she is a sought out international presenter and adjunct lecturer to families, adults and professionals on a variety of topics but especially Hearing Assistive Technology, apps, cochlear implants, advocacy and effective strategies for coping with hearing loss.

Dr. Childress is active on many local and national Boards and Committees where she is a strong advocate for accessibility and disseminating resources.

Region 3 Director

Chris Littlewood

Chris Littlewood

Chris is president of the ALDA Suncoast – Florida chapter. He is very involved both in hearing loss advocacy and advocacy for ALL people with disabilities. He actively advocates at the local, state, and national levels both personally and professionally through his job at St. Petersburg College’s Center for Public Safety Innovation.

Region 4 Director

Roy Miller

Roy Miller

Roy’s relationship with ALDA is nearly as old as the organization itself, beginning with his attendance at the First ALDA Leadership Training Workshop in 1989.

The Leadership Training Workshop was rebranded in 1990 as the annual ALDA Convention (ALDAcon), and he is delighted to say that he has attended almost every ALDAcon since then.

In those beginning years, he was able to contribute to the organization in numerous ways, including writing its bylaws, getting it incorporated under the Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation Act, getting its federal 501(C)3 tax exemption status approved by the Internal Revenue Service, developing a Handbook for the Board of Directors, and serving as its second president.

Since then he has served on many of its committees, most recently as Chair of the Bylaws Committee last year.

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