Debra Bare-Rogers

One of Us: Debra “Dee” Bare Rogers

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This issue’s interview is with Debra “Dee” Bare Rogers, Region 1 Director. 

Debra Bare-Rogers

As a newcomer, Dee attended 2021 ALDAcon in Niagara Falls. She fit in so well with the community that she decided to run for Regional Director 1! Elected to represent her area, Dee will be taking over from Laura Sinclair. Dee grew up on the West Coast, but now resides in Maine. Her hearing loss was sudden and happened about 8 years ago. Debra works for the State Relay Services offering hearing loss support. Continue reading to find out why Dee is one of us.

KK:  What book or books do you recommend others read?

DBR:  Abigail Adams by Woody Holton and Ice Bound:A Doctor’s Incredible Battle for Survival at the South Pole by Dr. Jerri Nielsen . I enjoy reading about strong women and their life experiences.

KK:  You simply cannot live without….…..

DBR:  Chocolate

KK: Your little-known talent is:

DBR:  Not sure

KK: Hardest thing you’ve done is:

DBR:  Climbed a mountain! My new favorite thing to do.

KK:  Your funniest hearing loss moment is:

DBR:  One time, I missed picking up dinner for a family member. I heard “I don’t need a burrito, thanks.” What they actually said was “A chicken burrito, thanks.” Oops. We still joke about it today- you mumble and you may end up with leftovers for dinner.

KK:  When and how did you learn about ALDA?

DBR:  I’ve been told about it for years, since when I started losing my hearing. It was a highly recommended resource.

KK:   Do you belong to an ALDA chapter or group?

DBR:  Currently, there isn’t a smaller group in Maine, although there are occasional regional meetups. As the incoming Region 1 Director, I hope to connect with other HOH adults and help get more groups started.

KK:  Have you ever attended an ALDAcon? (If so, which ALDAcon was your first conference?)

DBR:  Yes! Just this past year in Niagara Falls!

KK:  In what ways has ALDA enhanced your life?

DBR:  I only recently joined as a member, but for years I’ve relied on ALDA resources from Bluetooth technology to legislative advocacy. I also share ALDA information with friends and others with hearing loss.

KK: Who or what inspires you the most?

DBR:  I’m inspired by individuals with hearing loss who use technology to do amazing things, and aren’t afraid to ask “what if we try this?”

KK:  People would be surprised to learn that you….

DBR:  Plan to hike the Appalachian Trail over the next few years, a section at a time.

KK:  Your biggest pet peeve is:

DBR:  Commercials and TV shows with background music… impossible to focus on what’s being said!

KK:  Your favorite childhood memory is:

DBR:  Playing on grandma’s dairy farm. She had a cow named Midnight whose mooing scare me.

KK:  Your favorite saying is:

DBR: “How do you eat a whole elephant? Eat it one bite at a time.” It reminds me that I don’t have to do everything at once.

KK: The bottom line is… 

DBR:  Don’t hide your hearing loss. Make it your superpower! We need to make our disability visible so others can access the resources they need to be the best they can be.

One of Us is a series of interviews with ALDA volunteer Karen Krull.