ALDA News Archive

The distribution of an initial  newsletter played an important role in the creation and growth of ALDA.  That newsletter was titled the ALDA News, and contained many stories about the struggles of early ALDAns.  Many of those stories are extremely funny, while others display the pain and frustration that accompanies one's loss of hearing.  If you are interested in the early years of ALDA's development, you can read many brief extracts of materials that were published in the ALDA News during the first ten years of the organization by writers such as Bill Graham, Marilyn Howe, Kathryn Woodcock, Jerry Barnhart, Larry Littleton, Holly Elliot, David Coco, Carolyn Piper, Kathie Hering, Edna Shipley-Conner, Mark Dessert, Cleo Simmons, Mary Clark, and others.  All of those snippets can be found by clicking on any part of the following citation:

David Coco, Mark Dessert, Marilyn Howe and Douglas Watson (eds.), ALDABest 1987-1996: Essays and Poems from the First Ten Years of the Association of Late-Deafened Adults (A Monograph of the University of Arkansas Rehabilitation Research & Training Center for Persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1998)

However, if you are more interested in recent happenings in the life of ALDA, you can read, download, and print any of the issues of the ALDA News that have been published since 2009 as all of those issues are listed below. To open any issue simply click on the text describing the volume and issue number that you want to open.           

Volume 39 Issue # 1 Winter/Spring
Volume 39 Issue # 2 Summer
Volume 39 Issue # 3 Fall

Volume 38 Issue # 1 Winter
- Hearing Hop in a New Year, ALDAcon 2022, Interview with Debra Rogers, & Advocacy Corner
Volume 38 Issue #2 Spring - 32nd Anniversary of the ADA, Disability Pride and interview with Linda Lewis
Volume 38 Issue #3 Summer - Legal update by John Waldo, interview with Judith Greaves and our regular articles
Volume 38 Issue #4 Fall - ALDAcon award winners, One of Us, and regular articles

Volume 37 Issue # 1 Winter
- The Impact of the New Presidency For Those with Hearing Loss, Hope & An Interview with Corin Goodwin
Volume 37 Issue # 2 Spring - Challenges For Those with Hearing Loss During the Times of CoVID & Mask Wearing and “Meandering Through a Hearing World"
Volume 37 Issue # 3 Summer - ALDAcon Memories, Ask the Nurse, & an Interview with Fay Roseman, Ph.D
Volume 37 Issue # 4 Fall - ALDAcon Memories, Regional Director Reports, & an Interview with Laura Taylor

Volume 36 Issue #1 Winter - Future direction of ALDA, Paying it Forward and ALDA Con 2020 Info
Volume 36 Issue #2 Spring - Honoring Roy Miller and Accessibility for those with hearing loss during and after the pandemic
Volume 36 Issue #3 Summer - Hearing Aid Costs and Health Insurance, ALDA Social Media Committee & Clear masks
Volume 36 Issue #4 Fall - Hearing loss and disability laws, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Mental Health, Virtual Meeting Platforms and hearing loss & An Interview with Jim Laffer

Volume 35 Issue # 1 Winter - The Emphasis on Empathy, Fox Theater , Fathom Events and Dominos Pizza lawsuits, RIP Cal-lie, Meandering Through a Hearing World: The Understanding Ones & An Interview with Michelle Yook
Volume 35 Issue # 2 Spring - Speech and Hearing Month, Welcome Trevor Finneman, Is Hearing Loss a Disability, ALDA Chapter and Group Information & An Interview With John Geoghegan
Volume 35 Issue # 3 Summer - Meet the Board of Directors, Emotional and Verbal Abuse, New Hearing Technology, “AL-DAans as ADA Pioneers” & An Interview with Lisa Harbour
Volume 35 Issue # 4 Fall - Movies Our Way: A Do It Yourself Project, Cochlear Implant Considerations & An Interview with Karen Krull

Volume 34 Issue # 1 Winter - Should We Embrace Cyborg Identity?
Volume 34 Issue # 2 Spring - CART in the Land of Oz
Volume 34 Issue # 3 Summer - “Call the Nurse” and Editors Block: Ugly Emotions
Volume 34 Issue # 4 Fall - DEAFining the Artist Within

Volume 33 Issue # 1 Winter - Scuba Diving: My Very Visual Sport
Volume 33 Issue # 2 Spring - Timeout Needed, Shut up and Dance, 40 years of Denial, Oh Darn— I Can’t Talk Behind Your Back, One of Us, How I Handle Communication with My Severe Hearing Loss & How I Cope With Hearing Loss
Volume 33 Issue # 3 Summer - I’m Not Deaf but I Can’t Hear Much Anymore: My Journey to Receiving a Cochlear Implant, Terri’s Tempo, Call The Nurse, The Difference Between Late Deafened and Hard of Hearing, I Don’t Know How to Be Deaf, & Movie Captioning
Volume 33 Issue # 4 Fall - Bouncing Around Disney Springs, Editor’s Perspective: A Welcome from the New ALDA News Editor

Volume 32 Issue # 1 Winter - Loving Someone With a Hearing Loss, Dealing With My Spouse’s Hearing Loss, This is My Life, New Credential combines CART and Broadcast Captioners, ALDAcon 2015, Tanka Road trip, Simulating a Hearing Loss & Hearing Loss Grand Slam,
Volume 32 Issue # 2 Spring - Unconquerable Robin Titterington, Adjusting to my Wife’s Hearing Loss, Being Late Deafened in London, Can Hear Clearly Now — The Quiet is Gone, ALDAcon 2015, Wendy’s Voice at De-sert Vibes, ALDAcon 2016, TV Closed Captioning Viewing Problems, Remote Conferencing Captioning Now Available in Virginia, Maybe It Wasn’t the Rock Music & City of Portland, Ore-gon passes TV Caption Ordinance
Volume 32 Issue # 3 Summer - Vuxendovas Nordiska Rad (VNDR) Nordic Council of Deafened Adults, Teaching with a Hear-ing Loss, Just In Case You Weren’t Sure and Arizona Legislature Approves Budget for First in Nation Assistive Technology for House, Senate
Volume 32 Issue # 4 Fall - Married to Bill, How My Hearing Loss and ALDA Helped Me Grow, One of Us, Going home to ALDA, Nomination of Edgar “Bernie” Palmer for the I. King Jordan Award and Cleo in the Spotlight

Volume 31 Issue # 1 Winter - What ALDA Meant to My Daughter Rachel, Cochlear Implants: A Journey of Discovery, Get Moving Today Toward a Grand Time, Bagels and Babes: Bonding with my Hearing Chil-dren…Kind of, Speechreading Tips from a Lip Reading Mom, Got Hearing Loss? Get a Cat!, Huhs? In the House of Worship, HIs World Is Silent but Not Despairing and The Perils of Marie.
Volume 31 Issue # 2 Spring - A Life Sentence for Being Deaf, My Internal iPod, Getting My Hearing Dog, The Hearing Loss Revolution: Nine Guiding Principals to Empower People With Hearing Loss, My Journey to CI Bilateralism, Dealing with Emergencies When Living Alone With Hearing Loss, Have CI - Will Travel, The Gift of a Different Ability, ALDA Mom’s (mis)Adventures and ALDAcon2015
Volume 31 Issue # 3 Summer - That Deaf Audiologist, More Than a Job— A Passion, My Professional Journey, Remembering Cindy (Henrion) Reese, Faking it — (Meetings, Meetings, Meetings), The Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss on Workplace Composition, Cheating on the ‘Hearing Test’, I’m A Hard of Hearing Working Being, Handling Hearing Loss in a Time of Loss, That Girl, Adventures in Career Hunt-ing with a Hearing Loss, The Pledge and Adjusting to Deafness on the Job
Volume 31 Issue # 4 Fall - Loving Someone With a Hearing Loss, Dealing With My Spouse’s Hearing Loss, This is My Life, New Credential combines CART and Broadcast Captioners, ALDAcon 2015, Tanka Road trip, Simulating a Hearing Loss & Hearing Loss Grand Slam

Volume 30 Issue # 1 Winter - Lost My Hearing…Found a Family, The Fourth Time is the Charm, Review of Shouting Won’t Help: Why I — And 50 million other Americans— Can’t Hear You, Listening & Brenda Estes Se-lected for Hamilton Relay 2013 Deaf Community Leader Award for the State of Virginia
Volume 30 Issue # 2 Spring - Learning to Cope, Getting My Access Needs Met, The Unfinished Story of Kristin Stansell, Life in ALDA land: I Wish & Coping Through ASL? Learning ASL Takes Time
Volume 30 Issue # 3 Summer - A Late Deafened Conference in Holland, Who Needs Clutter? & Heed the Call of the Mermaids!
Volume 30 Issue # 4 Fall - Fifty Years With NF2, Just Shy of 30 Years, How NF2 Changed My Life, Life With An Unrec-ognized Hearing Loss, Now I’m Angry, NF2 and Communication, NF2ed, 2014 Oticon Focuses On People Awards Honor Joyce Edmiston of Mount Joy - PA, My World is No Longer Silent & Frontiers of Communication

Volume 29 Issue # 1 Winter - Confession of a Recovering Ignoramus: A Personal Saga of Seeking the Do’s and Don’t in Of-fering Emotional Support, My Appreciation of Music as a Hard of Hearing Person, “Show Us the Captions” Events Puts the Focus on Movie Captioning, My First Experience with Closed Caption-ing Glasses, Newly Established Service Aims to Match Captioning Users and Providers & Angel Sound Training Software
Volume 29 Issue # 2 Spring - From California to…Maine, Sound off: The Raleigh Trolley Experience, Have Hearing Aids…Will Travel, Planes, Trains and…a Gypsy in My Soul?, Travelling with Hearing Loss, Westerns on My Mind, What I Heard Last Summer on My Staycation, A Musician Relearns Mel-ody, In the Trenches: Boarding a Plane & Play Even if Your Aorta Will Burst
Volume 29 Issue # 3 Summer - The Social Challenges of Hearing Loss, Awesome Captions Benefiting Everyone — One Word at a Time, Holland America Cruise Line Experience: A Hearing Impaired Perspective, Employment Despite Hearing Loss, Getting Captioning for Live Theater, We Want to be Recognized As People Who Are Deafened, Using the New Sony Closed Captioning Glasses at My Regal Theater and Messianic Synagogue Reaches Two Milestones for Hard of Hearing People
Volume 29 Issue # 4 Fall - Hearing Loss Lessons, Rockin’ With Ray, Two Cultures — One Identity, Returning to My Pas-sion, Montana and Me, Deafness and Learning (or not), Dealing with My Deafness & ALDAcon 2014

Volume 28 Issue # 1 Winter - The Gift,Losing My Hearing? Oh, no? Is My Life Over?, My Journey from Sudden Silence to Sound, What Have I Learned From My Deafness, I Hear With My Eyes, The Late Deafened Expe-rience, What Deafness Has Taught Me About Life, Chatting With Harriet: Not Just Conversation & King Jordan Award Presentation and Acceptance Speech
Volume 28 Issue # 2 Spring - The Second Time Around, Relationships Are Affected ByHearing Loss, Overcoming Commu-nication Barriers: The Sonic Challenge, Bone-anchored Implants, FCC Issues Rules Concerning Internet Captioning, The Late Deafened Experience: To Deaf Do Us Part? Life in a Mixed Mar-riage, In the Mind of a CART Provider, If I Could Hear, Relationships & Communication: Some Learning Experiences and Sharing My Hearing Loss.
Volume 28 Issue # 3 Summer - The Long Journey Back, Goodbye, Dear Friend, Smoke Rings of Confusion, My Daughter’s Birthday Request, My Hearing Loss Journey, One of Us, The New Normal, Understand-ing/Hearing, Communication Access for Medical Visits, What the Power of Captioning Means to Me & ALDAcon 2012
Volume 28 Issue # 4 Fall - Mirror for the Invictus, Mary Clark’s Life and Accomplishments, Shawn Lovley: In Memoriam, A Hunter’s Silent Holiday, Random Neural Firings #2, Team Work, Happy Hole-days, Using Whatever Works, One of Us, Getting Out There, Reflections on the Job Hunt, Making God Laugh: A Captioned Play, Got Tinnitus?, Hearing Aids 101, Traveling Deaf and Alone in a For-eign Country & Late-Deafened People

Volume 27 Issue # 1 Winter - I Found Family at ALDAcon
Volume 27 Issue # 2 Spring - Hearing Loss and Communicating in the Car
Volume 27 Issue # 3 Summer - Caregiving from Three Perspectives
Volume 27 Issue # 4 Fall - Meet TED, Dave, Kelly and Brian

Volume 26 Issue # 1 Winter - How NF2 Changed My Life
Volume 26 Issue # 2 Spring - A College Student’s Experience
Volume 26 Issue # 3 Summer - Life’s Bountiful Buffet & ALDA Reader Submissions Welcome
Volume 26 Issue # 4 Fall - A Hearing Dog by My Side & ALDAcon 2010 Awards

Volume 25 Issue # 1 Winter - Medical Communication Breakdown
Volume 25 Issue # 2 Spring - The Vietnamese Medical Environment: Not Easy for People with Hearing loss
Volume 25 Issue # 3 Summer - My World is No Longer Silent
Volume 25 Issue # 4 Fall - See How They Sign