ALDAcon is the annual convention of the Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA). It is held in various cities around the country, generally rotating from the eastern section of the country to the middle of the country, to the western section of the country.  ALDAcon usually begins with a Presidential reception on Wednesday evening and ends with a Farewell Brunch on Sunday morning.  ALDAcon features guest speakers, workshops of interest to late-deafened adults, exhibits by vendors of products and services for people with hearing loss, the presentation of various ALDA awards to deserving individuals, the annual business meeting of ALDA, entertainment after the Friday evening banquet, and the famous Karaoke Party on Saturday evening, where everyone lets their hair down and pretends they have a "golden voice." ALDAcon provides an opportunity for learning about the problems that late-deafened individuals face, and the strategies that they have developed to overcome the many challenges caused by their hearing loss.  ALDAcon is a place to renew old friendships, to make new ones, to socialize, and to simply HAVE FUN!

ALDAcon provides a stress-free communications environment where all workshops, luncheons, and special events are made communications accessible by the simultaneous presence of sign language interpreters, CART writers, and assistive listening systems.  Communication between individuals is guided by the ALDA philosophy of "Whatever works!"    Some folks speak and use their hearing aids or cochlear implants to listen, while others speech read, use sign language, gesture wildly, or write notes in order to communicate. ALDA welcomes everyone and ALDAcon is the place where ALDA inclusiveness is demonstrated every year.   If you have never attended an ALDAcon, you don't know what you have missed.  Come join us and enjoy the warmth of the ALDA family at its annual gathering!