EZ Pay Installments

The EZ Pay Plan allows periodic payments and is available to paid ALDA members. An initial payment of $50 or more is required with your registration. You must sign up for EZ Pay by June 30, 2024. After you register, you can use the form below to make your installment payments. The final balance is due by August 12, 2024.

STEP 1: REGISTER FIRST! Then make your FIRST EZ Pay Payment (pay with your registration): You’ll make your first payment during the online registration process. When you register, you will receive your Registration ID Number (you will need this for future payments).

  • NOTE: Membership dues must be paid in full along with the $50 minimum for the registration.

STEP 2: ADDITIONAL EZ Pay Payments: (pay with the form below)
AFTER registering and making your initial payment through the online registration process, you may make additional installments using the payment form below. You’ll need to enter your User Registration Identification Number.

Monthly Invoice:  Reminders will be sent until your account is paid in full (due by August 12th, 2024).

ALDAcon EZ Pay Payment

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