Bill Graham was definitely optimistic when in 1989 he gave the “1st Annual ALDA Leadership Workshop” its title.  To suggest that the 1989 workshop would be followed by others demonstrated either a lot of wishful thinking or a lot of vision (or some of both).   Regardless, annual meetings of ALDA have been held ever since, and they have become a national showcase for ALDA.  The term “ALDAcon” followed by a Roman numeral indicating its order of occurrence was first applied to ALDAcon II (1990), and again to ALDAcon III (1991), both of which were also held in Chicago.  Although some people liked the romance of the Roman numerals, in 1992 the ALDA Board of Directors decided to change from the Roman numerals to the year in which the meeting was held in all future references to ALDAcon.

1st Annual ALDA Leadership Workshop – 1989 (Chicago, Illinois)
ALDAcon II – 1990 (Chicago, Illinois)
ALDAcon III — 1991 (Chicago, Illinois)
ALDAcon 1992 (Boston, Massachusetts) – First-time Karaoke was included
ALDAcon 1993 (Chicago, Illinois)
ALDAcon 1994 (Toronto, Ontario – Canada)
ALDAcon 1995 (Rockford, Illinois)
ALDAcon 1996 (San Francisco, California)
ALDAcon 1997 (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
ALDAcon 1998 (Chicago, Illinois)
ALDAcon 1999 (Alexandria, Virginia)
ALDAcon 2000 (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
ALDAcon 2001 (Newport, Rhode Island)
ALDAcon 2002 (Orlando, Florida)
ALDAcon 2003 (Las Vegas, Nevada)
ALDAcon 2004 (Burlington, Vermont)
ALDAcon 2005 (Salt Lake City, Utah)
ALDAcon 2006 (St. Louis, Missouri)
ALDAcon 2007 (Rochester, New York)
ALDAcon 2008 (Chicago, Illinois)
ALDAcon 2009 (Seattle, Washington)
ALDAcon 2010 (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
ALDAcon 2011 (Indianapolis, Indiana)
ALDAcon 2012 (Columbia, South Carolina)
ALDAcon 2013 (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
ALDAcon 2014 (Norfolk, Virginia)
ALDAcon 2015 (Scottsdale, Arizona)
ALDAcon 2016 (Brookfield, Wisconsin)
ALDAcon 2017 (Orlando, Florida)
ALDAcon 2018 (Portland, Oregon)
ALDAcon 2019 (Kansas City, Missouri)
ALDAcon 2020 (None – Postponed to 2021)
ALDAcon 2021 (Niagara Falls, New York)
ALDAcon 2022 (San Diego, California)
ALDAcon 2023 (Austin, Texas)

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