Turn Compassion Into Action! VOLUNTEER WITH ALDA!

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Are you looking for more fulfillment from your life? Would you like to connect with like-minded people who support individuals with all types of hearing loss? Do you sign? Read lips? Use speech-to-text apps? Do you want to help create a more inclusive world for people with hearing loss? If the answer is yes, then ALDA has many opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference.

Advocating for and supporting people with hearing loss takes a lot of people, and ALDA is always interested in finding those who want to be part of our team. Some of the volunteer opportunities with ALDA include:

  • Running a local group or chapter – no hearing loss support group in your area? Start one – we have lots of resources to show you how!
  • Working on Social Media Platforms – email outreach, posting on Facebook and Twitter, creating multimedia content, etc.
  • Writing articles for the website or newsletter
  • Newsletter editing and distribution
  • Setting up and organizing virtual meetings – do you have experience with Zoom? Google Meet?
  • Presenting at meetings (virtual and face to face) – anyone with experience and knowledge related to hearing loss is welcome to share their knowledge.
  • Running exciting major events including conventions and silent auctions
  • Fundraising and bookkeeping
  • Membership outreach and growth
  • Marketing – new ways to market to and connect with those we serve.

If you have experience in these fields or another you think ALDA might find useful then please apply as a volunteer or contact us to ask questions and learn more. You do not even need a lot of experience. ALDA has people and resources to help get you started. Many of our current volunteers had no previous experience volunteering before they started working with ALDA. Now they are planning conventions, making decisions for an International not for profit organization and helping make a difference in thousands of lives.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, then volunteer with ALDA to get more out of your life and start making a difference today!