ALDAcon Karaoke

ALDAcon Karaoke is unlike any other Karaoke you have experienced! As a former attendee stated, “Every year, people who can’t sing, perform with people who can’t hear, and yet, beautiful music is made”. ALDA has modified the traditional setup. We have used the video feed, that is normally on a small TV/monitor in front of the stage, to also send it to our HUGE (usually 8′ or 10′) screens. That way, EVERYONE can see the words to the songs being performed. We also ALWAYS have groups of people on stage both singing and signing. (No worries about performing alone, grin). We then wrap up this experience by holding hands and getting in a circle and singing/signing “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler to close the ALDAcon karaoke experience. Come join us! You will be glad you did!