ALDACON 2024: Clearwater Beach, Florida

Scholarship applications are CLOSED for ALDAcon 2024

This page has information on the ALDAcon Scholarship and application.

There are four major requirements to be eligible for ALDAcon scholarship assistance.

  1. Every applicant must be a current member of ALDA’s national organization, ALDA Inc. If you are not a member, you may join using the ALDA website at If you encounter any problems with online membership, please contact the Scholarship Chair as noted above via e-mail for assistance. No application will be accepted as complete until membership has been confirmed. If you are already a member at the time of your application, please ensure that your membership extends to the actual date of ALDAcon. No award will be honored unless you are a member both at the time of the application and the last day of the ALDAcon as noted above.

  2. ALDA members may receive a maximum of two scholarships in their lifetime (not in the same year) to attend ALDAcon, the second being for registration only, and only if allotted funds are available. Members who have already received two scholarships to attend ALDAcon are ineligible for additional scholarships.

  3. Please note that awards are only made to those who are deaf or hard of hearing and plan to attend the full five days of ALDAcon. They are also required to attend all “Newcomer” events if they are newcomers to ALDAcon. Information on those events will be sent to successful applicants prior to the convention.

  4. All applicants MUST be in genuine need of financial assistance. The scholarship program is specifically designed to assist those who without help would not be able to attend the convention. ALDA’s scholarship funds are limited, and to meet our goal of helping as many as we can to attend the convention, we must stretch our funds as far as possible.  We ask that you think carefully as you list your financial needs on the application and list only what you absolutely need in order to attend. Also, please note that ALDA, Inc. scholarships apply only to the registration fee and the cost of the hotel accommodations. Travel expenses and extra costs of any entertainment are not covered by the scholarship.

Registration includes workshops, exhibits, entertainment, speakers, select meals and the following events: Welcome Reception, I King Jordan Banquet, Karaoke Party, and Farewell Breakfast.

Applications are CLOSED for ALDAcon 2024 scholarships. 

Scholarship awards will be made no later than the second week in June. Applicants should be sure that they check their e-mail frequently during this time. All applications will be acknowledged upon receipt. Should you not receive a confirmation within three days, please contact the ALDAcon Scholarship Chair, Karen Krull, at for follow-up to ensure all applications are received and properly filed.

*Your acceptance or declination of the scholarship offer must be made within forty-eight (48) hours of being notified of the award; otherwise, we will consider the offer as declined.

In addition, please note that all ALDAcon scholarship recipients are encouraged to provide some form of special support to ALDA in return for their scholarship assistance.  That special support might take any of the following forms:

  • Writing an article for the ALDA News describing their ALDAcon experience

  • Working a few hours at the ALDAcon registration desk or at the ALDA booth in the Exhibit Hall

  • Speaking about their ALDAcon experience at the Farewell Brunch of ALDAcon

  • Writing special invitations to friends with hearing loss encouraging them to attend ALDAcon

  • Giving an ALDA Gift Membership to one of their friends with hearing loss,

  • Donating an item to the Silent Auction of ALDAcon

  • Volunteering to serve on some ALDA committees during the year following their scholarship.

Applications are CLOSED for ALDAcon 2024

Remember, if you have any questions, please contact the ALDAcon Scholarship Chair, Karen Krull, at Thank you.