Welcome our new Chapter/Group Chair… Joan Marcoux!

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The timing couldn’t be better to announce with pleasure that Joan Marcoux is one of our newest volunteers! Joan’s recent retirement from a lifelong career working in the field of hearing loss support is ALDA’s gain. She is the Chapter/Group Chair which supports the four ALDA Regional Directors (RD) administratively at ALDA National. We value her sharing her time and talents!

Amongst other things, Joan will be helping our RDs field renewal petitions of ALDA groups and chapters. We will keep her busy because RDs are also fielding start-up leadership teams in locations such as Southern California, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Maine, and Canada. The ALDA.org website has a wealth of start-up information. I can personally attest that the process is simple to follow because I started the Seacoast NH Group in 2018. Hailing from NH, Joan was a help to me even unofficially then. She has been an invaluable resource for meeting ideas and services for our hearing loss community.

Would you like to contribute to ALDA National’s growth and success too? We’d love to hear from you! What do you like to do? What experience or knowledge do you have that can be shared to benefit some committee or convention function…Graphics?…Journalism?…Tech? Did you know there are many inspiring stories to be found on the ALDA website from years of service by people just like you? We all stand at the ready to help connect you to others even if you don’t have a chapter and group nearby or attend the annual convention. Whatever works!

A virtual meeting is coming to your region soon. Some come to share, some just hang out. Hmmm… sounds like how new groups form! All are welcome. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your RD. Email contact details are, for example, RD1@ALDA.org…RD2@ALDA.org, etc. or contact us at info@alda.org. Signing up to receive the ALDAnews and other benefits of membership is easy. Opportunity awaits!

Maybe you can come meet Joan in Florida this September! Discounted registration and hotel rates are on-going through June 2024. Stay tuned for program announcements soon!


Laura Sinclair, President