Survey Results: Key Findings

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statisticsThank you to everyone who took time to complete the recent ALDA membership survey! Over 100 ALDA members and friends completed the survey. ALDA will use your responses to better serve ALDA members and friends.  ~ Ken Arcia, ALDA Board President

The original survey can be found here. Here are a few key findings:

What are your biggest hearing/communication related challenges?

  1. Stress and frustration
  2. Being able to participate in educational opportunities
  3. Being able to fully understand my healthcare providers
  4. Communicating with family, friends and loved ones
  5. Finding or maintaining employment

Which topics would you like to learn more about?

  1. Captioning [e.g., of phone calls, meetings, classes, etc.]
  2. Home technology [e.g., amplified phones, visual alerts, etc.]
  3. Healthcare accommodations
  4. Listening aids [e.g., ROGER microphones, loop systems, FM systems, etc.]
  5. Workplace accommodations

What is the best way for ALDA to help you?

  1. ALDAcon presentations & workshops
  2. Online webinars
  3. ALDA website
  4. In-person local group meetings [when safe/possible]
  5. ALDA newsletter

What are the most convenient days and times for you to attend local in-person events?

  1. Saturday afternoons
  2. Weekday evenings
  3. Saturday mornings

What are the most convenient days and times for you to attend virtual/online events?

  1. Weekday evenings
  2. Saturday mornings
  3. Saturday afternoons