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ALDA is an all-volunteer non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to support the empowerment of late-deafened adults. ALDA is committed to providing a support network and a sense of belonging by sharing our unique experiences, challenges and coping strategies, helping one another find practical solutions and emotional support, and working together with other organizations and service providers for our common good. As an all-volunteer organization, ALDA needs various types of help and support in order to pursue its mission.

Some Ways You Can Support ALDA

  • Personal Donations
  • Corporate Donations
  • Exhibiting at ALDAcon
  • Being a Sponsor of ALDAcon
  • Becoming a Member of ALDA
  • Advertising in the ALDA News
  • Writing Articles for the ALDA News
  • Renewing Your Membership in ALDA
  • Advertising in the ALDAcon Program Book
  • Donating to ALDA by Shopping at AmazonSmile
  • Donating Something for the Silent Auction at ALDAcon
  • Volunteering for One of Many Tasks Needing Help at ALDAcon
  • Editing Articles for the ALDA News or Transcripts of ALDAcon Presentations

Types of Donations

There are various types of donations that can be made to any organization.  As ALDA is a 501(C)3 tax-exempt organization, all donations to ALDA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

  • Unrestricted: Donations that have no restrictions on how they may be used.
  • Restricted: Donations that may only be used for their designated purpose(s).
  • Estate: Donations directed as part of your estate.  These are often called “planned gifts” or “legacy gifts” and are most often arranged in a will or trust.
  • Memorial: Donations made in memory of a deceased loved one or special person and are often made in lieu of flowers at a funeral.
  • Commemoration: Donations made in honor of a person or to celebrate an occasion or accomplishment.  These are often called “tribute gifts.”
  • Corporate Volunteer Donations: Some corporations will give donations to organizations of your choice for your volunteer activities.
  • Corporate Matching Donations: Some corporations will match your donation.

How ALDA Uses Donations

Donations to ALDA are used in one of three basic ways.

  • Donors may give an unrestricted donation, which will be used to defray day-to-day operating expenses of ALDA.
  • Donors may give a restricted donation and specify that their donation is to be used to defray the costs of ALDAcon.
  • Donors may give a restricted donation and specify that their donation is to be used to provide scholarships for people to attend ALDAcon.  When evaluating scholarship applications, priority is given to newcomers, veterans, and persons with neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2).

How You Can Support ALDA

  • Click here to either become a member of ALDA or renew your membership in ALDA.
  • Click here to make an unrestricted donation to help meet the day-to-day operating expenses of ALDA.
  • Click here or send email to “treasurer@alda.org” to contact the ALDA Treasurer about making a restricted donation to ALDA, arranging a corporate or estate donation to ALDA, or placing an ad in the ALDA News.
  • Click here for complete information concerning exhibiting at ALDAcon, sponsoring ALDAcon, or advertising in the ALDAcon Program Book. And click here for access to the downloadable (PDF) “Sponsor and Exhibit Application Form”.
  • Click here to access the ALDA Contact Form.  On that form you can indicate that you have one or more items to donate to the Silent Auction at ALDAcon.
  • Click here to access the ALDAcon Registration Form.  On that form you can make a donation to help defray the expenses of ALDAcon.
  • Click here to access the ALDA Volunteer Application Form.  On that form you can volunteer to help at ALDAcon.
  • CLICK HERE to donate to ALDA by shopping at AmazonSmile.
  • If preferred, one can always make a donation to ALDA by simply sending a check or money order made payable to ALDA, Inc. and mailed to ALDA, Inc., 8038 MacIntosh Lane, Suite 2, Rockford, IL 61107. If desired, one can include a note with such donations giving specific directions as to how the money should be used.

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