As John Donne once wrote, “No man is an island,” meaning that nobody exists all alone. Rather, we are all connected, and what happens to one of us affects the broader community around us.

The idea that “no man is an island” is especially true for a person with hearing loss. That loss affects his family, relatives, friends, co-workers, and even his pets. To successfully overcome the many challenges that result from a hearing loss, and emerge from that experience a competent and contributing member of society requires a variety of informational resources and supports. In hopes of improving the lives of persons with hearing loss, many of those resources are provided here.

CLICK HERE to access the ALDAcon Presentations Archive. This archive contains many of the presentations that were made at the annual convention of ALDA during the years 2000-2015. It also features publications that contain selected presentations from the ALDA conventions held in 1991, 1995, 1997 and 1998.

CLICK HERE for a listing of Organizations and Associations that provide information and support to people with hearing loss.

CLICK HERE for a listing of Federal Government Agencies and Programs that may be of interest or use to people with hearing loss.

CLICK HERE for a listing of Federal Laws that affect people with disabilities, including people with hearing loss. Included in the listing are links to the websites of agencies responsible for enforcing the various laws.

CLICK HERE for a listing of State Commissions/Agencies/Offices serving people with hearing loss.  Included are links to the websites of those agencies.

CLICK HERE to review the Airline Travel Action Guide that provides a comprehensive and clear explanation of the rights of persons with hearing loss when traveling as an airline passenger.

CLICK HERE to review various Tips for Improving Communications Between Hearing people and Late-Deafened Adults.

CLICK HERE for an Overview of Hearing Loss, which includes a discussion of the types and causes of hearing loss.

CLICK HERE for information describing the various types of Telecommunication Relay Services, including CTS, VCO, VRS, VRS with VCO, and IP Relay.

CLICK HERE to learn about the Different Types of Hearing Aids, and where a person can get help to obtain a hearing aid.

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