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The Association of Late-Deafened Adults, Inc. is pleased to present an invitation to both the ALDA Convention 2021 and a personal invite to be interviewed about Relationships after Hearing Loss!


Everyone is invited to join us at the annual ALDA Convention in Niagara Falls this October 6th through 10th. You can easily register here: ALDAcon2021.  The Convention is for those with hearing loss, late-deaf and hearing allies. Together, we discover ways to communicate and remain connected with our long standing ALDA motto Whatever Works:  Sign language, lip reading, hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive listening devices, apps, CART, Interpreters or even good old fashioned pen and paper:  #ALDA-WHATEVER WORKS!

If you have questions, please contact us here:  #ALDA


Sarah Katz, a journalist in Northern Virginia, seeks to interview deaf and hard-of-hearing adults who lost their hearing later in life and are/were married to hearing spouses for an article that will examine the late-deaf-hearing marriages/relationships.

Interviews will be conducted through March 15, 2020 and will last between 30 minutes to an hour.  Each will take place over the phone, video chat (Google Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom), or by instant messenger (Google Chat or Facebook Messenger).

If you are a late-deafened individual or spouse of a late-deafened individual living in the United States, and are interested in being interviewed for this article, simply complete the online form here at the bottom of the page. The information requested includes:

  • three potential dates and times for the interview, including your time zone;
  • your communication modality (spoken English, sign language, cued speech, or written communication); and
  • your preferred interview format (phone, video chat, or instant messenger), as well as any pertinent information about how to reach you (phone number or username).

The journalist, Sarah Katz, will follow up directly with you to establish a date and time to be interviewed.

Sarah is a deaf individual who communicates using spoken and/or written English, American Sign Language, or Cued Speech. For more information about her work, visit her website, or follow her on Twitter.

Relationship After Hearing Loss

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