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Hello everyone!

We hope this message finds you all safe and well.  We will get right to the point.  We’ve decided that the better and safer course of action is to postpone the 2020 Niagara Falls ALDACon until 2021.  We held off as long as we could, talking with each other almost daily, about whether to go ahead or postpone. We are mindful that states are slowly and incrementally opening up and that, by late October, this pandemic could be in our rearview mirror. But airlines are still canceling flights into October.  Further, many experts warn that social distancing recommendations may well still be with us.  And experts give varying opinions, as you undoubtedly have heard, about what things will be like in October and beyond, some even predicting a second wave of the virus.  Bottom line, we felt that there is just too much uncertainty.  We know that some of you will be disappointed and that others will breathe a sigh of relief.  We just want all of us to remain safe.

So, here’s the scoop:

  1. ALDACon is postponed one year.  The 2021 Con will still be held in Niagara Falls and at the same hotel, the Sheraton, with no increase in rates.  Please note in your calendars the new dates: October 6 – 10, 2021.
  1. The hotel has informed us that they will cancel all the reservations for 2020.  The hotel has blocked rooms for us.  To make a reservation at these exclusive rates for the 2021 Con, click on the following link:
  1. Kim Mettache and Lisa Harbour have agreed to stay on in their roles as Chair and Program Chair.  The Planning Team will also stay on. Thank you!
  1. If you have already registered for this year’s Con, here are your options:

(a)  The amount you paid will roll over to 2021 without any need for you to do anything.

(b)  If you are on the EZ Plan, you have until July 31. 2021 to pay the balance.

(c)  You may request a full refund for the amount you have already paid.

(d)  You may request that we apply the amount that you have already paid as a donation.

  1. For those of you who have not registered, you can register at the Early Bird rate until June 30, 2021 here:  ALDAcon 2021 Registration.
  1. For those of you who were planning to apply to give a presentation, you can still do so. You have until May 1, 2021, to get it to Lisa Harbour.
  1. To contact either Kim Mettache regarding the Con in general, Celeste Cademartori concerning registration questions or Lisa Harbour about program presentation, send a note via the Contact Us page on the website. We will forward it.

In the meantime, we still have a lot going on.  We’ve started a sign language class, we’ve submitted several articles on our website about how we cope our way through the pandemic and we are beginning to do research on the efficacy of see-through masks and whether this should be an ADA accommodation.  So, please stay with us on the website and stay tuned as we go forward!  ALDAbest!