Hurricane Laura – Special message from ALDA –

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Hurricane Laura is a dangerous Category 4 storm.  For those in the path of this hurricane, please be prepared.  Get all of your emergency and disaster supplies ready.

If you haven’t been through a tropical storm or a hurricane in awhile, here are a few reminders as shared by the ALDA Suncoast Chapter (summation):

If you didn’t prepare in June (which you probably didn’t), do so now. Check your hurricane kit and guide to see what YOU and your family need.


A. The BEST and safest place to evacuate is outside an evacuation zone with family OR friends. A public shelter should be a last resort.
B. If you live in an evacuation or decide to evacuate, DO IT EARLY. Don’t wait to evacuate.
C. If you go to a public shelter, there most likely will NOT be interpreters or accommodations for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  You are still welcome in a general population shelter.
D. A “special needs” shelter is for people with medical special needs such as specialized medical care, needs for durable medical equipment, refrigeration or power.
E. For people who are D/HH, make sure you have extra hearing aid/Cochlear Implant batteries (you will need this in a power outage), pen and paper, your smart phone (notes pages and other apps), etc. for communication in emergencies with people who are hearing.
F. Power may go out and cell towers may go down. Be prepared for that.
G. Once winds reach 40-45 miles per hour, first responders such as fire, EMS, police are locked down too and DO NOT respond. You are on your own until things calm down.

ALDA is here for you, always.  And please remember by definition in a disaster, resources are overwhelmed. Don’t expect emergency management, FEMA, or other agencies to be there at the drop of a hat. It takes time. It is everyone’s responsibility to help. Take care of yourself and your families FIRST. Then reach out to help your neighbors and your community as you are able.