Give Yourself the Gift of Understanding!

In News, Weekly Stories by Fran Seslow

Its holiday season once again

A time when inspiration is lingering in my head

I have a few words to be said.

Are you walking in a world hearing less than you could?

Working hard to do your best

Yet struggling with an issue in disguise?

Looking like everyone else on the outside

You smile the same smiles and nod your head,

Laughing your best laugh in attempts to blend

But not understanding what is being said

Working hard to enjoy social occasions yet wanting to withdraw from the hearing thread

Please no large crowds, drive throughs, restaurants or malls at holiday time

Your brain scrambles to walk through the muffled distorted groups of words – working overtime

You try hard to piece things together.


Here are some kind words to share from my experience

We are not aware of what we cannot hear as we drift into things less clear

So if those who care about and love you share what you do not understand,

Take the steps to get your hearing checked – take a grandstand

You can be sure this comes from observation and concern

As I made my own personal choice to seek intervention and support and learn

I grew tired of being afraid for my future with no action in sight

I was willing to disclose my struggles and frights

To uncover uncover why I felt so confused with a strong desire to just isolate and be alone

I took the risk, and had my hearing checked, no more time to postpone

I found ways to connect!

And this is why I can share this today…

With acceptance, support and intervention and I can say

I feel like I have a better shot at striving beyond just existing in the world

This journey lead me here today

Sharing some hope and encouragement

I want to know what the heck I smiling about when chatting with others. just like you

If I could do it, I am confident you can too!