Gael Hannan to Entertain at ALDAcon 2018

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Gael Hannan To Be At ALDAcon 2018

  • Want to hear one of the funniest ladies you will ever meet?

  • Want to learn about the humorous side of being hard of hearing?

  • Want to laugh until your sides hurt?

Come to ALDAcon 2018 in Portland, Oregon and listen to Gael Hannan at the I King Jordan Banquet on Friday evening.

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ALDA is pleased to announce that Gael Hannan will be performing “I’m Hearing as Hard As I Can” at the I. King Jordan Award Banquet at ALDAcon 2018 on Friday October 12. She will also be signing copies of her book, The Way I Hear It, on Thursday October 11 at the Exhibitors reception.
Gael is a renowned writer, humorist and public speaker on hearing loss issues. Over the past 20 years, she has created awareness campaigns, school programs and award-winning videos that help people better understand what it means to live with hearing loss – their own and that of others. Gael has a passionate international following for her weekly articles on and her book and is a sought-after speaker for her dynamic presentations and performances that leave her audiences in both tears and laughter.
I’m Hearing as Hard as I Can” is a stand up performance about living with hearing loss, which according to one person who saw it, is “sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving, always brilliant.”  Her book, The Way I Hear It, is a witty and insightful journey into the life with hearing loss, at every age. Part memoir, part survival guide, the book is an insider account of the communication barriers that hearing loss causes in our life – with our families, friends and even the professionals that serve us – and how to break them down.
ALDA is thrilled to have this dynamic hearing loss personality join us at ALDACon 2018.