FCC On the Road Again to Arizona and New Mexico January 27th – 31st

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The FCC is back on the road for our sixth Rural Tour, this time visiting Arizona and New Mexico January 27-31.   A busy itinerary of public-facing events and informational meetings with community leaders and local officials is planned.

Join the Rural Tour team as we travel through the Southwest. We’ll be posting updates every other day as well as a wrap-up report at the end of the week.

Preparing for a Rural Tour

The FCC’s Rural Tour program is designed to engage consumers, grassroots community leaders, and local officials in a series of informative public-facing events. Tours also provide a chance to build outreach and education partnerships with local community-focused institutions.  The FCC’s team provides awareness and education sessions on issues such as robocalls and spoofing; communicating during emergencies; mobile device security; and other consumer communications topics.

The preparation time for a tour runs between 60 and 90 days, with much of that effort focused on coordination with local contacts on the ground in the areas we plan to visit.  The planning team also coordinates with other federal agencies and internal offices of the FCC to develop opportunities to discuss important consumer matters. During this tour, leadership and staff of the FCC’s Disability Rights Office will brief local Arizona leaders and participate via video conference call in a public-facing New Mexico event on accessibility matters.

As the date of our tour draws near, staff of the FCC’s Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division finalize the agenda, print and ship materials for distribution at events, and make final travel arrangements.

While on tour, we invite comments and opportunities to engage with community leaders for unscheduled meetings and engagements.  We welcome local consumers to please join us at any public-facing event.

For additional information, feel free to drop us an email:

Our first on-the-ground update will be posted here on Wednesday, January 29th.

FCC Members Having Dinner

Sunday night dinner on the Rural Tour.  Every meal is a working meal, where Rural Tour team members coordinate details for upcoming events.  On this tour, a Department of Veterans Affairs representative will join the FCC for a number of public events.  The VA and FCC have an established, cooperative outreach partnership.

Pictured left to right NaShid Dickerson- Department of Veterans Affairs, Keyla Hernandez-Ulloa – FCC, Alma Hughes – FCC