Disabilities and Emotional and Verbal Abuse: Mental Health Workshop at ALDAcon this October:

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Hello to all of you and Happy Summer! This summer has been jammed packed with treacherous weather patterns which has changed many plans and altered many ways of living. While I usually like to write an upbeat article on nursing news and helpful hints, I would like to touch base with a type of ailment that continues to plague our society and way of living: emotional and verbal abuse.

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline (2019), older women who have disabilities have a higher rate of being abused. That does not mean that older men who are disabled are not abused, but that they are abused at a lower rate. Abuse can manifest itself in many forms, and if not physical it can be difficult to prove. Emotional and verbal abuse tend to be more difficult to prove and yet have longer lasting invisible “scars”. That is just the beginning…read more about this personal story and resources available for assistance.

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