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Coronavirus and the Association of Late-Deafened Adults, Inc. Outreach

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ALDA remains steadfast in the outreach of support to late-deafened, hard of hearing and hearing allies.  Our heartfelt thanks for your continued support and understanding to ensure you have alternate means to connect with peers for support and/or help others during this trying time.  We are all doing our part to avoid the spread of this unfortunate virus. As many have shared, the key is to “flatten the curve”: slowing the rate of increase in infections so that you spread out the cases, even if the total number doesn’t change. Flattening the curve slows the rate of admission in hospitals, thereby blunting the impact on the health care infrastructure and improving the odds that individual patients will survive. We are all in this together, help protect the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Do your part, #flattenthecurve.

Public meetings including our ALDA Chapter and Group gatherings remain on hold but we WILL remain connected by way of social media platforms, email and various video conferencing technological options.  Simply share if you would like peer support and/or want to provide peer support to someone who does by contacting us here:  ALDA

Everyone who utilizes various hearing equipment is reminded to keep the equipment live and operational, even if at home in quiet setting.  Where possible, keep ample supply of hearing aid batteries, prescriptions and basic necessities and reach out for help in your local area if you are not able to obtain necessary supplies/food/etc.  Above all else, follow the basic guidelines as provided by the CDC and your state emergency support services.  Stay tuned to sites designated to keep you apprised of what is taking place within your given community and state.  Understand the data will continue to change on a regular basis as we learn more about the virus and its implications in being transmitted from one person to the next and potential future vaccines.

Keep calm and understand your frame of mind is instrumental in the ability to persevere.  Take care of yourself first and you will then be able to take care of others.  Remain connected with family, friends and peers.  Do your part to eat healthy and stay active, even if you are confined to home.  We are focused a sound mind to get through these trying times.  And again, please connect with ALDA to share if you would like to be a peer to a fellow late-deafened/hearing loss individual or hearing ally or wish to connect with a fellow ALDA peer at:



Below are resources for your consideration.  The links are updated routinely to keep you informed. We ask that you use the reliable sources vs. those such as social media postings and gossip channels among family and friends that may have the best of intentions but can indirectly provide misleading information.


On behalf of ALDA, Inc., stay healthy, keep in touch and look forward to connecting face-to-face when this unforeseen virus has come to pass.