Communications Committee Report – Q2 2021

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The communications committee has been busy this quarter! We have been focusing heavily on organization of the website to increase utility and improve the user experience. If you have comments, please get in touch.

We have been building up our page feed with original content including:

  • A series of Legal Updates discussing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by our general counsel, John Waldo;
  • Previews about the upcoming ALDAcon including ALDA Karaoke and dozens of pictures to show how much fun and informative ALDAcon is;
  • Posts about hearing aids;
  • How to get involved in the fight for better and more extensive access to captioning;
  • Other topics, announcements and personal stories.

These posts were fed out to social media and eblasts to members and non-members alike to help grow membership and drive attendance for ALDAcon 2021. In addition, the steady use of social media has led to an increased online presence reaching more people than ever before. Twitter and Facebook remain the primary social media outlets for ALDA though in the coming months we hope to incorporate more Instagram. Please feel free to engage with our content, and share with your friends, too!

You’ll have already noticed changes in the newsletter. We hope you are enjoying the new feel. You can follow links on most of the articles to read them on our website in the new Newsletter Archive, which has already been remade with a summary of many of the key articles added to more easily locate topics of interest when people go looking for information or memories.

The communications committee continues to work closely with the board of directors and with other committees including membership, sponsorship and the awards committee, to increase efficiency and clarity within the organization. We encourage people to reach out and volunteer for any of these efforts. If you would like to be involved with the communications committee please feel free to reach out at anytime by email: