Books and Movies for Consideration for Late-Deafened, Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Our Hearing Allies

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This is an additional part of our ALDA outreach to share some material for your consideration during isolation.

Please note the list is not all-inclusive and your thoughts and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you. Keep it simple, stay in touch, and share your thoughts.

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(Books listed are related to Deafness
and/or Hearing Loss)

  • Deafened People: Adjustment and Support by Miguel Aguayo and Kathryn Woodcock (2000)
  • Introduction to American Deaf Culture – Thomas Holcomb (2013)  
  • For Hearing People ONLY – by Matthew S. Moore and Linda Levitan to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Deaf Community, its culture, and more.
  • Reading Between the Signs: Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters – Anna Mindess (2006)
  • Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School – Gina Oliva (2004)
  • Guidelines: Practical Tips for Working and Socializing with Deaf-Blind People – Theresa B. Smith (2002)
  • Listening Closely – A journey to bilateral hearing by Arlene Romoff (2010)
  • Shouting Won’t Help – Why I and 50 million other Americans – Can’t Hear You by Katherine Bouton (2014)
  • Smart Hearing by Katherine Bouton (2018)
  • The Way I Hear It by Gael Hannan (2015)
  • Odyssey of Hearing Loss – Tales of Triumph by Michael A. Harvey (1998)
  • I Can Hear You Whisper by Lydia Denworth (2014)  
  • Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick (2011)

Additional books can be found here:  

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MOVIES (and TV shows)

The movies and TV shows listed below are related to Deafness and/or Hearing Loss. Some also feature a Deaf/Hard of Hearing actor.  Enjoy!

  • Wonderstruck – story of two children with hearing loss separated by 50 years. Stars deaf actress Millicent Simmonds
  • The Hammer – the life of Matt Hamill, the first deaf wrestler to win a National Collegiate Wrestling Championship. Stars deaf actors Russell Harvard and Shoshannah Stern.
  • Baby Driver – Man with severe tinnitus works as getaway driver for various heists. Also stars deaf actor, CJ Jones.
  • Children of A Lesser God – Maybe the most famous movie about relationships between deaf and hearing people ever. Marlee Matlin won the Oscar for best actress.
  • Lake Windfall – a portrait of interactions between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people – Highly Recommended.
  • A Quiet Place – In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing. Stars deaf actress Millicent Simmonds.
  • Quantico (TV Show) – with deaf actress Marlee Matlin.
  • The River Wild – English and ASL.
  • The Silent Child – A deaf 6-year-old girl named Libby lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker teaches her to use sign language to communicate.
  • Mr. Holland’s Opus – Composer turned music teacher struggles with his identity and learning to communicate with his Deaf son. Stars deaf actor, Anthony Natale.
  • No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie – A deaf actor who plays a superhero on a TV show must look beyond the cape to inspire a deaf boy to believe in himself. Stars deaf actor John Maucere.
  • Music Within – The true story of Richard Pimentel, a brilliant public speaker with a troubled past, who returns from Vietnam severely hearing -impaired and finds a new purpose in his landmark efforts on the behalf of Americans with disabilities.
  • West Wing (TV Show) – With deaf actress Marlee Matlin
  • Switched at Birth (TV Show) – With Marlee Matlin and other deaf actors.
  • Fargo (TV show) – Deaf actor Russell Harvard plays a deaf bad guy in season 3 – Warning this show is very violent.

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