Kim Mettache at ALDAcon

An Interview with ALDAcon Chair Kim Mettache

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Kim Mettache at ALDAcon

How long have you been a part of ALDA?

I think I attended my first official event at ALDA Chicago. It was a mini con. I had a great time. I think it was around 2005. 

Why did you decide to join ALDA? 

I got a Cochlear Implant in 2005. I decided to start a Cochlear Implant support group.  I asked around for a CART provider. Someone in my hometown of Dyer, had seen my request and stepped up. The current ALDA Region Director, Dennis Gonterman and Carol Postulka, drove all the way from Rockford, IL to attend my support group meeting. I think Dennis liked my meeting. He told me I needed to attend the ALDAcon in St Louis which was about 2 weeks away. I decided to attend.  I attended the newcomers and chapter leader meeting. I even turned in my paperwork, so the board could approve my ALDA Northwest Indiana Chapter.  I had the best time ever as a newcomer. I felt very welcome. I joined ALDA because everyone is so welcoming. 

Can you tell me about the ALDAcon that is happening this October?  

After postponing the con from last year because of COVID, I’m happy to say that we are finally moving forward! The con is really happening!!  We even have a countdown on the website!  

What types of activities do you have planned? 

We have not been together for almost two years as of this October, so we’ll have social time as well as a reunion of sorts for previous attendees. We have speakers and workshops planned. We have free time each evening. We usually gather in the lobby, bar, or hospitality room to chat the night away. 

What do you like best about ALDAcon, as a whole? 

Getting together with great people. Every year I look forward to seeing the friends I have made from past cons. I know I will get to meet more friends and newcomers this year!  I love the silent auction and visiting the exhibit hall.  I love meeting the sponsors who make this ALDAcon possible. The national board and ALDAcon Planning Team are all volunteers.  

What are you looking forward to most in regards to this year’s ALDAcon

 I think, after two years, we are ready for the hugs!  I can’t forget the Karaoke!  I have word that Elvis will be attending too!  

Why do you think it would be beneficial for late deafened adults to attend ALDAcon?  

This ALDAcon is perfect for anyone with hearing loss. We welcome you all. Just come and see us!