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    This form is for data collection for Sponsors and Exhibits. Please refer to the Sponsor Packet pdf for further information. Payment to be made on separate form.

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    We wish to participate in the exhibits at ALDAcon 2019 and hereby book table(s) by September 1, 2019. (Please check the appropriate fees; for exhibiting, tote inserts and/or additional table(s) if more than one. (Fee includes badge and one Appreciation Luncheon ticket only.)
  • Ads for Program Book must be formatted to appropriate size dimensions or will be adjusted to match. Send advertisements electronically to ALDAcon SE Team, , using the accepted formats: PDF, TIFF, or JPEG.

    Deadline September 15, 2019 Not guaranteed to be in program book or exhibit space after this date.

  • Mail payment to: ALDAcon 2019, 8038 MacIntosh Lane, Suite 2 Rockford, IL 61107.

  • We have read the regulations and agree to observe and be bound by them
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor Information

    Please provide the following information so we can best promote your business, organization, or agency.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, tiff, pdf.
  • Information you provide will be used on the ALDAcon 2019 Website and in promotional materials. ALDA reserves the right to edit information due to space constraints. Please email the information above to: