ALDA Statement Regarding the Lewiston Maine Shooting

In News by ALDA News

The Association of Late-Deafened Adults, Inc., (ALDA), mourns with the Lewiston Maine families, friends, and surrounding communities where amongst a number killed or injured while attending a deaf social event Wednesday, October 25, 2023 were several deaf residents.  The names of the deceased have been released to the public but as more details come forth, we can only hope those aiding in the aftermath have the strength and knowledge to help heal those left behind.

We have ALDAns living in the area to whom we send prayers for safety and hopes of swift capture of the perpetrator so they may begin to mourn and feel safer in their communities once again.

As news reverberates across the country in mutual hearing loss communities, be sure to keep vigilant for those who need extra support at this time.  Make yourself available.  Learn of resources in your community that can make a difference in the lives of those hurting and isolated and support them where you can.