Some Things to Do While Staying Safe at Home

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Some Things to Do While Staying Safe at Home
Association of Late Deafened Adults, ALDA, Inc.

As the world deals with the effects of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, many of us are sheltering in place – staying home to stay safe as we wait for the outbreak to subside. Some are working from home or just hanging out, filling the hours with reading, creating art, watching TV, gaming or taking online classes to learn new skills. With that in mind ALDA wanted to create a list of various online resources that people with hearing loss can use to improve their communication skills or simply get to know the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community better.

Below are links to several websites that include free resources to learn sign language or improve lipreading skills. While ALDA does not specifically endorse any one of these sites, we have checked to be sure they are offering free content and no fees are attached for using their resources though some may require you create login credentials to access their content. We encourage people to take advantage of these resources in the hope they will improve their communication skills. Remember, at ALDA we don’t have a preference for how people communicate. Sign, use your residual hearing, lipread, speech-read, use voice to text apps or good old Pen and paper, however you choose to communicate the key point is that you do communicate and “Whatever Works” best for you is just fine by us. We will never judge you, correct you or reject you for your personal communication preference. Having said all that, here are the websites.

1. Free Online Sign Language Practice and Classes (listed in alphabetical order):

     ASL University.


     Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center Resources (Gallaudet Univ):


     Sign Language 101:

     Signing Savvy:

     Sign School:

2. ASL Books for Learning 

3. ASL Apps – (a small fee may apply) 

     The ASL App: – Available in Android and iOS

     Healthy Hearing resource list:
     List of apps for learning ASL

     Marlee Signs:
     Apple App Store  – Available in iOS only

     Master List of ASL Apps:
     Android version      iOS version

Note: This list is not all inclusive.  Additional apps may be found through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone.

4. Featured Deaf Actors and/or stories that feature Deaf/Hard of Hearing characters:

5. Free Lipreading Classes:
     Lipreading classes online

     Mark Ross article on “speechreading”:

     Lipreading Practice (from the UK):

From All of Us at ALDA, Inc.

We hope you find these links both useful and fun as you pass the time staying safe. We look forward to seeing you in October at the annual ALDA Convention, ALDAcon2020, in Niagara Falls! Until then please join us through our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds if you have questions or a story to share.

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Keep in touch and share.
Together, we will find our way through this trying time.
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