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ALDA News Has a New Editor!

In News by Roy Miller

Lisa Peten has recently been appointed the new editor of the ALDA News.  

While Lisa became a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss tinnitus patient at age 31, she also inherited activism, advocacy, and AWESOMENESS in the process of her changed life!  Now at age 43, she lives by the beach, reads by the beach, and inhales olives (by the beach)!  She also remains staunch in her commitment to show gratitude and give back to our community and beyond.   Lisa asks that each member of ALDA think about contributing an article to the ALDA News.  Themes for upcoming issues include:

Qtr 1: Empathetic Support – Stories related to empathy and its effect on yourself and others (Articles due: 5/20/2018)
Qtr 2: Online Resources – Stories relaying specific online resources, including social media sites, that offer hearing health support (Articles due: 8/20/2018)
Qtr 3: External Support – Stories relaying how Pets have increased support and other caregiving activities used to cope with hearing loss (Articles due: 11/20/2018)
Qtr 4: ENT/Audiologists Support – Stories relating to how a good rapport with ENT’s/Audiologists have shaped hearing loss experiences (Articles due: 1/7/2019)

Please write and share with Lisa!  She’d love to gain insight, offer empathy, and/or learn more about your experiences!  All submissions should be sent to: