ALDA Groups: Fun in San Jose!

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ALDA San Jose gathers for a movie outing

Members of ALDA San Jose enjoyed our first in-theater movie outing in over two years. While there have been some party events at the homes of our members over the past six months, this was the first time we’ve had a public get-together since before pandemic restrictions began in early 2020. Video calls have their purpose, but it was great to see each other in person after so long!

Our group gathered for lunch at a local restaurant and then we walked over to the movie theater for an open caption showing of the latest Batman movie, The BatmanThe movie itself was quite good but at more than three hours it was also a little long. Nevertheless, it was a small but fun gathering that included a lively discussion of world events and of cochlear implant technology. One of the attendees is considering getting CI, and it helps to get input from people who have already been there and done that. It’s so great that the members of our group understand each other.

We are looking forward to resuming a more frequent schedule of events including, but not limited to, additional movie outings later this year. The increase in the number of open caption showings on weekends makes that a great option. This show was at 2:00pm on a Saturday afternoon, which is a near perfect time for our group to gather. We’re looking forward to holding events of all kinds and meeting visitors and new members! 

~ Jim Laffer, former group leader and longtime member of ALDA SJ

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