ALDA News Archive

The distribution of an initial  newsletter played an important role in the creation and growth of ALDA.  That newsletter was titled the ALDA News, and contained many stories about the struggles of early ALDAns.  Many of those stories are extremely funny, while others display the pain and frustration that accompanies one’s loss of hearing.  If you are interested in the early years of ALDA’s development, you can read many brief extracts of materials that were published in the ALDA News during the first ten years of the organization by writers such as Bill Graham, Marilyn Howe, Kathryn Woodcock, Jerry Barnhart, Larry Littleton, Holly Elliot, David Coco, Carolyn Piper, Kathie Hering, Edna Shipley-Conner, Mark Dessert, Cleo Simmons, Mary Clark, and others.  All of those snippets can be found by clicking on any part of the following citation:

David Coco, Mark Dessert, Marilyn Howe and Douglas Watson (eds.), ALDABest 1987-1996: Essays and Poems from the First Ten Years of the Association of Late-Deafened Adults (A Monograph of the University of Arkansas Rehabilitation Research & Training Center for Persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1998)

However, if you are more interested in recent happenings in the life of ALDA, you can read, download, and print any of the issues of the ALDA News that have been published since 2009 as all of those issues are listed below. To open any issue simply click on the text describing the volume and issue number that you want to open.