ALDA awards

2021 ALDAcon Award Recipients

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ALDA awards

Each year the ALDA Board of Directors honors various people and organizations that have either improved the lives of late-deafened adults or significantly contributed to the activities and well-being of ALDA. To find descriptions of the awards, look here.

We are pleased to announce the award winners for 2021. Congratulations and thank you to all of you for everything you do!

Debbie Hagner

Cheryl Heppner Advocacy Award: Debbe Hagner, for many years of advocacy on behalf of people with hearing loss. Served on the ALDA board of directors and has helped lead ALDA Suncoast for many years.


Corin Goodwin

Corin Goodwin

Brainstorm Award:  Corin Goodwin, for her efforts to improve ALDA Communications. Her insight and professionalism have been exceptional in a difficult time. Jim Laffer (l) accepting with ALDA President Ken Arcia. Corin Goodwin on the right.

Angel Award

Robert Davila ALDA Angel Award: InnoCaption, for their innovative technology to help people with hearing loss communicate better over the phone. Cristina Duarte (l) accepting with ALDA President Ken Arcia.


Kim Mettache

Able ALDAn award: Kim Mettache, for her decade-long efforts in several roles with ALDA. These included serving as Secretary and holding down several challenging roles for ALDAcon, most recently as ALDAcon 2021 chair.
Pictures with ALDA President Ken Arcia (r)

Laura Sinclair

MarcouxBob Hawley Fearless Leader Award: Joan Marcoux, for her able leadership with ALDA Seacoast, the Deaf/HoH community in New Hampshire, and the area of assistive technologies in general. She has been an especially powerful local advocate for Deaf/HoH during the COVID pandemic.  Laura Sinclair accepting with ALDA President Ken Arcia. Joan Marcoux on right.


President’s Appreciation Award: RIT/National Technical Institute for the Deaf, for over 2 decades of support for ALDA at ALDAcon and for preparing and monitoring the technology that makes the magic happen. Bob Brewer accepting with ALDA President Ken Arcia (r).

Cynthia Moynihan

I. King Jordan Award: Cynthia Moynihan, for decades of advocacy on behalf of people with hearing loss, for her efforts while serving as Vice President of ALDA to create and breathe life into the Communications  and Membership committees, and for offering a steady guiding hand as these new committees struggled with early challenges. Her efforts will have positive impacts on ALDA and people with hearing loss for years to come!  I. King Jordan (l), Cynthia Moynihan (c) and ALDA President Ken Arcia (r)

I King JordanJim Laffer (l), I. King Jordan, Cynthia Moynihan, Karen Krull, Wendy Ting and ALDA President Ken Arcia (r), Jim, Karen, and Wendy nominated Cynthia for the award.